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Adaptives at BRIC2015

BRIC2015We arrived on a bright crisp morning at the Olympic Velodrome along with hundreds of athletes and spectators. Registration was a very chaotic affair but eventually we were all signed in and made our way up to the spectator area for a coffee. Some of the early events had already started and it was a chance to see how it was laid out. Soon it was time to make our way to the bull pit and start a warm up for the first of the relay events, after the warm up we were called forward to take our place at the machine. We all took our positions with John up first, after the first 500 it was Hilary then Chris with Guy last. At the end of the race, despite being against able bodied teams, we had not finished last, an achievement in itself ! So we were pleased but knew more work was needed on the change overs.

Then a short rest for us all before being back on the floor for our individual 1k events, this was the big one. John finished in 8th, Chris in 9th only ½ a second apart, Hilary finished her category second and received a Silver medal!

After another ½hr rest we were back on again for the second round of the relay. This time the format was different, a six minute time limit with each member having to take at least one stroke, as adaptive rowers getting on and off is an issue. We came up with a plan, 1½ min each or as soon as our time was dropping, we finished just off the bottom but did not get through to the 3rd round, no surprise there!

Now we know the format we will work on our tactics for next year.

The event was well attended with 1300 athletes and 1000 spectators plus organisers, helpers and media.

A great experience and thoroughly enjoyed by all of us, we all agreed that the icing on the cake was Hilary bringing home a Silver medal at the first BRIC.