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GRC juniors came out in force to compete in the regional championships on 24th Jan 2016

GRC juniors

The younger rowers performed really well in individual and team events.

Teamwork and fierce competition in the relay resulted in:

Joe, Josh and Eddie 5th

Ben C, Ben N and Jonah 11th

Keziah, Abbie and Emily W 6th

Emily S, Jess and Adelaide 15th

The older rowers then took up the baton and produced some outstanding results.

Individual achievements:

WJ15 SILVER: Charlotte, 1metre away from gold

WJ16 BRONZE: Steph and Molly equal with Lottie 1 second behind

GRC coach Flo

COACH GOLD: Flo, setting a new competition record

Relay achievements

J14      GOLD: Adam, James, Peter and Lawrence

WJ15 SILVER: Charlotte, Millie, Molly and Katherine

J15      SILVER: Eden, James, Will and Nathan

WJ16 BRONZE: Lottie, Steph, Stazia and Molly

WJ17 GOLD: Honor, Anna, Beth and Freddie

Thanks to Danny and Flo and congratulations to everyone for their outstanding contributions.