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Club News May 2016

Hello all

So here we are, my first newsletter as Captain.  It’s taken me a little while to get this under way, so I apologize if anyone has missed any recent news – I’ll do my best to catch you up.

Summer party

We’re planning this for the afternoon and evening of Saturday 25th June.  As always, this is a great event to enjoy our beautiful surroundings and find out whether you recognise everyone out of rowing kit.  Keep an eye out for further details.

Plant & cake sale – 4th & 5th June

Get your apron on, dust off your garden trowel and come and support our fundraising efforts on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June.  You can donate some cake or plants, volunteer your time, buy some goodies or all of the above.  Please email Carolyn if you can help ([email protected])

Committee & admin

We’ve had a few changes since last year, as set out in Rachel T’s email introducing herself as membership secretary.  In addition, Robert Hall is our new entries secretary for the seniors – and we also have a new regatta account for senior race fees.  Seniors – please make sure that you pay all race fees to this account from now on.

A/c number: 1975 8176              Sort code: 23-05-80


The season has now turned and we’re getting well under way with some side-by-side regatta racing, with some great results already rolling in.  It’s been brilliant to spend time on the bank with so many different squads recently, although the logistics involved in getting so many people racing at the same time is quite incredible.  So, thanks must go to all who give their time behind the scenes, arranging entries, towing trailers and otherwise supporting our racing crews.

Robert and Paul have been working on a new results section on the website, so have a look at our recent wins here:

Boat love

As we all come out of hibernation and pile on to the river in the light evenings and warmer weather, our boats get used more intensively.  This can also lead to more wear and tear so it’s a great chance to give the boats an extra clean out inside, check hatch covers or scrub the slides – please take five minutes after your outing to give your boat some TLC.

I think that will do for now, if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in these newsletters, please do let me know.

Rachel Spruce