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Weybridge Ladies 2016

What a great day at Weybridge!

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5 finals and 3 wins and Keziah and Jess had 6 races each! Not bad for the first regatta of the season for the GRC Beginner Junior Squad.

WJ13 1x. Keziah Markfort won her first race against a girl from Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) school by so much she caught up with the race in front. She had a row-over in the next round as her opposition withdrew then won her final by a significant margin over a Radnor House girl.

J12 Mixed 4x+. All 3 of our crews had 2 boys and 2 girls. First up the course were Silvia Harrop, Nathaniel Knoworski, Mattie Wagstaff and Adelaide Oakey, coxed by Hannah Kingerlee, racing Cranmore School in the first round; they had a fantastic race coming back from a length down to win by 2 lengths. The second GRC crew of Hugo Worthington, James Carter, Lucy Gowing and Francesca Morland, coxed by Millie Davis raced neck and neck with the third crew of Henry Chadwick, Olivia Aczel, Aimee Newenham and Callum Macfarlane, coxed by Ben Calvert for the entire course then Millie’s crew just got their nose in front and powered away to win by a couple of lengths. Millie’s crew went on to beat Hannah’s crew in the Final by several lengths as Hannah’s crew tired after their first round battle with Cranmore. All of these rowers were competing at their first regatta. To race twice over 900 metre’s was demanding but showed that the Guildford crews can do it.

WJ13 2x. Jess Bebbington and Keziah raced really well in round 1 and beat a LEH crew convincingly. In the next round they beat another LEH crew in style. They met a pair from Weybridge Rowing Club in the Final and couldn’t quite get past them – Keziah’s 5th race by this stage – and lost by a small margin. Really well done on reaching the Final.

J13 2x. Eddie Vaughan and Jonah Parnell raced against Cranmore school in their first round. They were neck and neck for the first third of the course then drew ahead by over a length, but just couldn’t keep the boat away from the bank – the stream I think rather than a wonky boat – and crashed into the bank 2 lengths up. Cranmore snuck past. Eddie and Jonah re-started and came back to within a canvas but ran out of river. Bad luck. Ben Nolan and Ben Calvert raced Radnor House School in their semi-final and won convincingly. But they were then beaten by another Radnor House crew in the Final by a couple of lengths having tracked them all the way. Another good effort.

WJ13 4x+. Jess, Abbie Jarvis, Emily Shepherd and Emily Wolfenden, coxed by Hannah, raced 3 times and did brilliantly to beat crews from Henley Rowing Club, LEH and Radnor House – all close, hard fought races. Jess in her 6th race for the final – which was inevitably the hardest one of all. The GRC girls in their matching visors and war paint held their nerve and kept the power on right to the end. well-deserved medals.

J13 4x+. The J13 squad formed 3 crews supplemented by Keziah and Adelaide. All raced really well: first up were Guy Tregear, Joe Bryant, Richard Loch and Jacob Hanney coxed by Sofia Palau racing against a crew from Henley Rowing Club. Henley took a lead off the start but couldn’t get away from the Guildford boys who put in bursts again and again staying in touch for the whole course. The Henley crew managed to stay together and reached the line ahead of Guildford but not by much. Next up were Ben Calvert, Zac Harrison, Jonah Parnell and Ben Nolan coxed by Millie Davis, against a Radnor House crew. Once again this was neck and neck throughout the course with Radnor reaching the line first by just a length. Lastly the mixed crew of Nathan Page, Keziah Markfort (in her 6th race of the day), Adelaide Oakey (racing a year above her age group) and Eddie Vaughan, coxed by Millie Davis, came up against the Henley crew which had beaten the first Guildford crew earlier in the afternoon. This was another fantastic race with both crews racing their hearts out and staying almost level for most of the course before the Henley boys edged ahead in the last 100 metres and crossed the line first. Henley went on to lose the final to Walton – no doubt exhausted by having to beat the 2 Guildford crews.

Danny Skillman

… and our Ladies 2016

With a select number of entries, the women’s squad joined an enthusiastic junior contingent at Weybridge Ladies for some good racing and a thoroughly enjoyable regatta.

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For the development women’s crew of Ellie Mead, Emma Dodd, Sue Loughlin steered by Jackie Johnson, there was a convincing first round win.  This was a fantastic first coxless quad race for stern three as shown in the picture above.

The Quad Squad also put in a quad of Lenka Higley, Emily Rowland, Olivia Magee and Rachel Spruce, with Jackie joining Lenka in a MasA double, Rachel and Liv racing an Im3 double whilst Emily took to the water in her single.  There was plenty of close racing, but sadly no wins for the seniors this time.

Thanks to everyone who supported, especially Peter Scott who went above and beyond to make sure everyone got as much as possible out of the day’s racing.

Rachel Spruce