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Marlow Town 2016

The day was set fair with 7.00 loading and excited chatting about the day ahead. The trailer was loaded and away by 8.00 – thanks to Peter for towing there and helping with unloading.

Marlow T 2016 Group2

First up was the W.Nov.4x-. Guildford, on the Bucks Station sculled well into second place, beaten by Kingston Grammar School but ahead of Maidenhead. Well done to Eleanor, Rachel Townsend, Claudine and Aimee – who steered the crew well.

Next up was W.Mas.C/E.4x-. Maidenhead were given a big handicap advantage, but Guildford, again on the Bucks Station led Marlow from the start. For their first race, this crew were settled into the race and need only to race together more with focus on ratio to do great things too. Well sculled by Emma, Sue, Kathryn and Rachel Tasker who steered this crew very well. Well done indeed to all.

Eleanor, Rachel, Claudine and Aimee then took to the water in W.Nov.4+. with Brian coxing. On the Berks Station this time, they rowed very well against LYR Tradesmen and pushed them hard down the course. Another very valuable race experience for this crew.

Marlow T 2016 Joe2

Joe Johnson then took on two Marlow scullers in Ada(Handicap)1x. Joe, who has sculled well at Phyllis Court and at Heron Lake to set up this time handicap system beat both of the Marlow scullers on their home water to take the medal. This event worked well as part of the main regatta and was a pleasure to see. On the Bucks Station, Joe led from start to finish.

Marlow T 2016 Gill

Gill was racing last in W.Mas.C/E.1x. Taking on a very accomplished Falcon RC sculler, Gill sculled very well throughout the race. The support for this last race was full on. Gill was cheered all along the course and showed why she is the deserving winner of the Women’s Cup. Sculling this event was also very valuable race experience.

Thanks to Bill Austen who volunteered to come out for the return towing – giving his time so willingly, the Club was also well supported by Lauren and Sam. Finally, we have moved adaptive rowing forwards again and British Rowing will know that the Marlow Town Regatta was enhanced by a very special race that day. Thanks to Carolyn, Chris and Rob at our end; and Bruce and Sally at Marlow, the sport has gained…..

Steve Wright.