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Annika & Jackie win Gold at Nottingham Masters

Having missed this event last year, but been Gold and Silver medalists the previous year’s, the crew were excited to race against some crews they hadn’t come up against so far this year. A larger field this year, Guildford won their heat which set them up in a good lane for the final. A strong row meant they pushed through their competition and pulled out a comfortable lead by the finish.

Women’s Masters B 2x. 1st out of 8

Crew; Jackie Johnson, Annika Gleichmann

Other results:

  • Masters G/H 4x-; 3rdout of 4

o Crew; Robert Hall, Jeff Watling, Nigel Hopkins (Eton Excelsior), Richard Coldrick

o Comment; After 4 outings the crew lost to two experienced crews who had medalled in previous championships .

  • Masters H/J; 2ndout of 4

o Crew; Robert Hall , Jeff Watling

o Comment; Having failed to catch the J crew (80 to 85 years old) who had a 22 second handicap Jeff and Robert arrived at the podium expecting a silver medal. They were surprised that the organisers had decided to award two gold medals one for H and one for J

  • Masters F 4-; 3rdout of 4
  • Masters F 4+; 5thout of 10

o Crew; Mark Starling; Richard Warne; Robert Hall; Jeff Watling

o Comment; Having medalled in the last two national championships the crew found that the event had moved on with three new crews who had just reach the 60 average. These crews medalled leaving last years gold medallists Durham in 4th place and Guildford in 5th.