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  • Juniors win Victor Ludorum at Molesey
  • Regatta wins throughout the Summer for all squads
  • A GRC wedding
  • Head wins in the early Autumn, including Pairs’ Head
  • Adult and Junior Beginner courses produce new intakes
  • New double scull has arrived
  • The BIG ROW happened!


The rowing year seems to end and start again without a break. This is a summary of wins at regattas and head races between July and October; well done to all our rowers who continue to represent our club wherever there is a river and a race it would seem:

 Molesey Senior

Mas C/D 1x   Richard Cooper

Mas D 2x       Richard Cooper,Greg Stadler

Molesey Junior

J18 1x            James Reckord

J15 4x+          Zac Harrison, Joe Bryant, Josh Ingham, Ben Nolan cox: Reece Marriott

WJ14 4x+      Adelaide Oakey, Rebecca Boddington, Aimee Newenham, Francesca Morland cox: Sofia Palau

WJ13 2x         Imogen Wells, Ellie Young

WJ12 4x+      Olivia Howie, Mimi Anderson, Trinny Vasanthan, Maya Macfarlane cox: George Simms

GRC winners of Victor Ludorum


J18 1x            James Reckord

J15 4x+          Zac Harrison, Joe Bryant, Eddie Vaughan, Ben Nolan cox: Reece Marriott

J15 2x            Zac Harrison, Eddie Vaughan

WJ15 2x         Jess Bebbington, Grace Perrett

J13 4x+          Morley Pendred, Jacob White, Reece West, Joseph Kennedy cox: George Simms


MxADA 2x     Chris Boys, Hilary Birkinshaw

MADA 1x       Chris Boys

Isis Sculls

Mas B 2x       Colin McCoombe, Justin Wells

W Mas A 1x   Amy Marshall

Wallingford Long Distance Sculls

Mas G 4x-      Neil Hopkins, Paul Woowat, Robert Hall, Jeff Watling

Mas G 2x       Neil Hopkins, Paul Woowat

W Mas A 2x   Helen Gray, Sue Hancock

Pairs’ Head

Mas H 2x       Robert Hall, Jeff Watling

Bedford Autumn

Mas D 1x       Richard Cooper

Mas H 2x       Robert Hall, Jeff Watling

Mas F/H 2-    Robert Hall, Jeff Watling

W Mas D 4x- Rachel Townsend, Claude Chiplin, Emma Dodd, Sue Loughlin

WJ15 4x+      Adelaide Oakey, Aimee Newenham, Francesca Morland, Rebecca Boddington cox: Sofia Palau

Weybridge Silver Sculls

Mas F/G/H 2x           Robert Hall, Jeff Watling

The most significant result above was that of Robert and Jeff in the Pairs’ Head raced in London amongst an international field in atrocious conditions – many congratulations to Robert and Jeff for an outstanding win.

 Harold’s winning crew at Richmond regatta earlier in the Summer

Forthcoming events:

Sat 10 Nov    Henley Long Distance Sculls

Sat 24 Nov    Hampton Junior Head

Sat 1 Dec      Burway Small Boats Head

Sat 8 Dec      Walton Small Boats Head

BR Indoor Rowing Champs

Sun 16 Dec  Club Christmas Regatta

Sat 19 Jan     Weybridge Winter Head

Bosun – Boat & Equipment

The new double scull has arrived. We have decided to try a new manufacturer – Kanghua – for our latest new boat. Kanghuas are made in China and fitted out by Eric Sims at Dorney. The boat crew weight is 60 – 75kgs so is aimed at the Women’s and Junior squads. This is also our first wing-rigger double scull. No name confirmed yet but it will be a Lewis Carroll character of some sort. Make it feel welcome by looking after it.

Someone keeps on messing up my bench: I think it’s a small army of orcs and goblins who get genuine pleasure from emptying the contents of the cupboard and tool kit all over the bench then adding as much rubbish and bits of boats as they can find. Then, to really finish the job off, they ensure all the old slides and shoes are scattered around the floor and stamped on. If they can smear a bit of fibreglass resin over everything that really makes their day. Thanks a lot.


Many congratulations to Ben and Annika  who tied the knot in Germany over the Summer, with some help from a couple of GRC sculling blades and other rowing friends.

 The Crew Supper last month was a great success and enjoyed by 40 members. Many thanks to Keith and Mark for organising a fun evening.

Coming soon: GRC Christmas Regatta. This is an annual event which this year will be on Sunday 16th December. The regatta is open to all members of the club and consists of several fun events which are competed for in mixed crews of 4 on land and on the water. Pre-entry is recommended – how to enter will follow. Unique GRC medals are awarded to winning crews.

If you don’t want to compete please come along and support the event. We will need volunteers to serve mulled wine, mince pies and other refreshments. It runs from 9.00am until 12.00 so plenty of time afterwards for Christmas shopping.

Committee Notes

Next Committee meeting is on Wednesday 7th November. Amongst other things they will be looking at the equipment plan for the next 5 years as proposed by the Captains and Coaches.

Robert Hall has decided to step down from the Captain position. This role will be filled by the Chairman and Secretary until a more permanent solution is found. Please support Paul and Richard whilst they work to ensure rowing at the Club continues to be organised for the benefit of all members.


Winter rowing – dos:

  • Check the weather forecast when planning outings
  • Wear several thin layers
  • Wear a warm hat
  • Bring spare clothing to the club
  • Think carefully about solo sculling – what happens if I go in to that water at that temperature
  • Look after your coxswain as the person coldest and most vulnerable, especially during head races
  • Wear bright clothing if rowing early morning and at dusk (high-viz vests are available at the club)
  • Continue to wash the boats and equipment thoroughly after use – higher rainfall and dead vegetation cause man-made drainage channels to over-flow into the river this adding effluent and other rubbish.

Winter rowing – don’ts:

  • Ignore Red Board warning signs
  • Lock yourself out of the boathouse whilst on the water
  • Leave the clubroom door open

Support our Big Row!

Wow! What a day.

After a false start or two it finally happened on Sunday 21st October and the weather gods smiled most favourably on the GRC flotilla of 6 coxed quads (Juniors), a coxless quad (Senior Women), a double (Father and Son and Guest) and adaptive single (Adaptive Squad skipper) as they made their steady proprogress along the 15 miles of the River Wey from Weybridge to Guildford.

The fleet was shepherded through the 11 locks and 2 sets of gates by 5 teams of lock operators and escorted throughout by bicycle orderlies.

The arrival at Guildford was a grand affair with hot food, mountains of cakes and the chance to stretch tired limbs and rejuvenate aching and sore bodies with liquid refreshments. The Deputy Mayor of Guildford greeted the first arrivals and our Club Secretary, Richard Warne, starred on Radio Surrey in the build-up to the event.

We’re still counting the money raised but there are still Big Row mugs and water bottles available to purchase as souvenirs of a memorable event – and Christmas presents as they will be collectors’ items in years to come!

Special thanks to the Big Row coordinator Richard Warne and all the helpers, and congratulations to all the rowers who completed this epic journey.

 And finally…….

Chris Boys, our Adaptive squad captain, is rowing 1,000,000 metres this year on a rowing machine to raise money for the Samson Centre for MS in Guildford.  For a change of scenery he put his ergometer on a boat, ‘Impossible Dream’, at Molesey Rowing Club and pulled 14,500m while cruising up and down.  Who says Ergos don’t float?

You can donate to Chris’s appeal here:

Here is Chris completing his 14,500m on the Thames recently as part of his Challenge.  Don’t think he meant to go that far but you can see he had moral support from his coach – already prepared in case ergo’s do sink!


We’re attacking the rats who live around the club by using poison. Dog owners please note.