New Kit Range from Powerhouse

GRC Powerhouse Kit

GRC Powerhouse sportsize (002)

This new kit range is available for direct purchase online at our new Team Store.

The store will open three times a year.

There will be three shopping windows a year with one at the start of each academic term:


January 6th – 19th

April 20th – 3rd May

All payments are made directly to Powerhouse via credit card or PayPal. Items can be shipped to your home address for an extra cost or bulk-shipped to the Club for free for collection after delivery. The manufacturing lead-time is approximately 6 weeks from each shop closing date.

The Team Store is here:

You will need to use the passcode:  GRC1880

The design panel includes an AIO that is a replica of the JL rowing suit including colour matching and a racer-back cut for women to ensure continuity in the whole squad look. The shop includes jackets and a gilet that are compliant with the kit visibility bylaw without needing a Hi-Viz vest over the top. The jacket comes in two models as a wind-blocker or with a thermal lining too. The new base layer and T-shirts are also visibility bylaw friendly when worn for training, but with the all-in-one pulled-up for racing the print design is covered to achieve a slick Guildford Rowing Club racing suit. The base layer is lightly compressive. The T-shirts come in two styles, Lux and standard. The Lux shirt has extra panels around the core to achieve a comfortable slim fit (but no compression). The standard T-shirt is ideal for general training and is recommended for the Juniors in particular. These are a big step-up in quality from the previous T’s. To round-out the new kit range the black leggings will create a uniform look with others wearing just the AIO. If you style leggings as leisurewear, then you can subtly signal your rowing credentials too. Black shorts are included and the whole range is complemented with a cool retro-style track top to finish the off-water look.