Rowing kit recommendations for beginners and juniors

Another new season starts and rowers and their parents often ask what sort of kit should be worn.

There are two types of kit to consider; training and racing, though there will clearly be some overlap.

Training: The key thing is warmth, water resistance and comfort. The solution is a layered approach, layers of thin close-fitting non-absorbent sports material topped with a water resistant outer, hats and pogies as appropriate. Here is some of the specific kit that my girls wear, but there are many similar versions and brands available, and of course boys versions of all of these items. I have added links but these can change at the drop of a hat, so apologies if they become invalid. Start Fitness/Sports Direct are good websites for this type of kit.

Base-layers are available from many suppliers, and Sports Direct for example currently has many available at reasonable cost, including a yellow Sondico version.

Running kit is also very suitable for training, t-shirts, tops and leggings.

As we move into winter, cold and wet become more significant, so keeping the core warm is vital, and hats/beanies, pogies and waterproof socks will help keep the extremities warm in poor conditions. Some examples are seen here.

In addition to this kit, much of which can be used when racing we also recommend you start to invest in official Guildford Rowing Club racing kit with the goal of building consistency and a team identity. When racing you should be clearly identifiable as GRC crews, and aim to wear the same kit as the rest of your crew.


baselayer   running t shirt  
 Sondico Base Layer    Karrimor Running Shirt  
leggings   tops  
 Karrimor Leggings    More Mile Top  
crewroom   socks  



Racing Kit

Recommended racing kit

  • Racing if you watch international rowing you will see that all competitors wear all-in-ones or high performance top and shorts .
  • Baselayer, in cold weather you may wish to add a baselayer under your green racing top (yellow long sleeved looks good). Either the Hugga version shown below or something like the much cheaper Sondico above.
  • Splashtop/Gilet, in cold weather you may wish to add a fully water/wind-proof splashtop/gilet, good on and off the water, as shown on next page.

Here are links to suppliers of Guildford Rowing Club kit:

GODFREY SPORTS hold our designs and you can buy direct from their shop:

HUGGA have developed what we feel to be high quality racing kit. We are always looking for the best supplier, so your feedback is important.


The Hugga racing kit is costly, but it is specially designed and high quality. It is vital that you are confident about sizing when ordering these items since they are made to order and cannot normally be returned. With this in mind it is a very good idea to seek out someone who already owns one, and try it on for size, i.e. I have male and female large splashtops to test out if needed.

It is understood that rowers will gradually develop their rowing kit, and we do not demand that you buy everything immediately, particularly if you are still growing rapidly.

Please do follow the advice on Training kit, you will not be allowed on the river in unsuitable clothing (e.g. hoodies), and if you get too cold and wet, you will have to come off the river, shortening your and possibly your crew’s outing.

When racing please make an effort to wear the same kit as the rest of your crew, because it looks smarter and helps build a team identity.

onesise   junior 2  
junior 2 piece bottom   junior top  
junior gilet   splash jacket  


Finally a very important bit of kit is your spanner, which you should have with you at all times, there are many available but the rigger jigger shown below is a good example with both 10mm and 13mm rings.

***When making online purchases try to use EasyFundraising, if everyone did this consistently we would raise thousands of pounds a year***

If you have any questions please speak with your Captain at the club