Incident Report

Incident and near miss reporting for all members of Guildford Rowing Club

What to do?

GRC essentially operates 2 systems. If you complete the GRC incident book you should also complete the British Rowing incident report.

  1. GRC Incident book. Used to report any damage to boats or equipment. This enables action to take place such as repair or replacement.

    The GRC incident book is located in the bar area. Please complete a short report simply indicate; date, boat name/number/equipment and damage.

  2. British Rowing incident reporting
    A link is located on your personal British Rowing Clubhub pages or go directly to and you will need to log on again using your usual BR log on details

There is a simple form to complete.


  • We can all learn from others where situations have led to an incident and hopefully not put ourselves in similar situations
  • Clubs can use their reports to identify areas of safety needing attention in their location
  • Regional Rowing Safety Advisers are able to offer advice and help clubs develop their safe practice
  • Statistics gathered are important to counter knee jerk reactions to situations.


What are incidents you need to report?

Help us to help you improve your safety – even near misses provide important learning points

  • Capsize or falling out of boat due to: inexperience, contact with another rowing boat, contact with other object, equipment or boat failure.
  • Collision due to: contact with static object, moving object, navigation issue, poor visibility or lighting. Collision of boat with rigger on or off the rack, collision of body with boat (head on rigger for example), collision of rigger with boat (rigger damage on rack) etc.
  • Swamping due to: rough water, collision with other rowing boat, collision with other object, wash.
  • Health related: manual handling, respiratory, hypothermia, heat stress, water-borne disease. (only report infected blisters – ignore normal ones!).
  • Equipment failure: boat buoyancy, riggers, gates, seats/feet, steering equipment, bow-ball, blades/sculls, safety/coaching/rescue launch, PFD’s, throw lines, racking
  • Land training due to: weight training, circuit training, running, cycling, indoor rowing, slips/trips
  • Behaviour: vandalism/violence. Bad navigation.