Code of Conduct

British Rowing, has made updates to its Code of Conduct (“the Code” or “Code”). The Board of British Rowing approved a revised version of the 2018 Code in order to help rowers, members and clubs across the country enjoy and grow the sport.

Ensuring that people have the best possible experience in our sport in a safe and welcoming way is critical to its future growth and success.

The code continues to build on the values and traditions of the sport with the most significant amendments that have been made to the Code of Conduct detailed below and is also attached. Minor amendments such as reference to updated documents or formatting changes will not be listed.

  • Code of Conduct 2018 and Code of Ethics and Behaviours have been combined and any duplication removed.
  • The Code has been updated to make clearer it applies to Rowers and Coxes (including indoor, fixed seat, sliding seat, coastal, etc); Parents, Guardians, Carers, Supporters; Clubs and Competitions (and all activities connected to a Club or Competition); Umpires, Officials; Coaches and Instructors; British Rowing Employees, Contractors, Coach Educators, or any others who provide a service on behalf of British Rowing; British Rowing Board of Directors, Committees or Panels; All Volunteers.
  • Clarity has been provided concerning how breaches of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with, and in what circumstances should be reported to British Rowing.
  • Where the Code of Conduct refers to challenging inappropriate behaviour or poor practice, a footnote has been added to provide guidance as to what is meant by challenging behaviours.

Standards of Conduct

  • In each section, requirements that must be followed precede requirements that should be followed.
  • The following new clauses have been added for all participants in rowing:

All individuals must:

2.5 – not use or encourage others to use illicit drugs whilst participating in rowing or assisting others in rowing;

2.11 – follow the relevant guidance on social media use* and not post on social media any content which is inappropriate or offensive.

* See the Online Safety and Social Media Policy under policies on the British Rowing Safeguarding webpage.

All individuals should:

2.13 – not drink alcohol, or be under the influence of prior drinking of alcohol, whilst participating in rowing, or coaching, officiating or assisting others in rowing.


  • The clause ‘adhere to the letter and spirit of British Rowing Codes, Regulations, Rules and Policies and those of their own Club, a Competition or relevant organisations’ has become a clause 2.1 under ‘must’ where previously it was ‘should’.

Section 6.1 – 6.6 has been added to provide standards of conduct when working with adults at risk.

Consultation on development of the 2022 Code was conducted with the following groups and organisations:

  • British Rowing internal working group**
  • British Rowing Directors
  • British Rowing Regional Representatives and Chairs
  • British Rowing Audit and Risk Committee
  • British Rowing Board of Directors
    ** Made up of British Rowing staff from the areas of Performance, Education & Training, Safeguarding, Indoor Rowing, HR, and Community Clubs

A full copy of the 2022 Code of Conduct and a summary of the changes can be found here.